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This area is for jewelers who are a part of our inner circle. We offer many services in addition to diamond purchasing.

Sell more in your local area. We can help you build your local neighbourhood community to attract more clientele to your store.

We will help you provide the most value for your clients, as well as to help you develop and enhance your close-in geographic network of clients, investors and collectors.

Through specific online-efforts, book content creation, contests, and interactive opportunities we will enable you to be more visible and respected within your community.

In addition, we are in close contact with the diamond community world-wide through the Diamond Bourses, Tel Aviv, Antwerp, Germany, South Africa, New York and more. Our connections ensure in the best value and quality.

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Certified Conflict-Free Kimberley Process certification scheme (KPCS)

A portion of the proceeds of diamond purchases will go back to the artisanal diamond diggers in Africa to support their well-being such as proper housing, water, food, clothing, power, special needs , autism support, and addressing critical needs. As the founder of Autism Today, Ms. Simmons seeks out causes that align with both diamond mining and related autism organizations in order to provide much needed resources and supports for individuals and families.

We support special needs charitable organizations

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