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Increasingly, sophisticated buyers are turning to online options for their jewelry purchases. The jeweler, investor and collector in the know depend on accurately graded and priced diamonds. It’s a fact that some online retailers are selling lesser-quality gemstones at rock-bottom prices and representing their stones as something they are not. For example, one laboratory may grade a diamond up to three grades higher than they actually would grade at the top laboratory, GIA. This has tremendous impact on the diamond value which makes them worth a lot less and is misrepresentation. If you were buying an ounce of gold at the going rate, would you settle for ¾ of an ounce? Our solution is to give you the exact grade you are paying for in order to increase the value you receive whether for resale, investment or to add to your collection.

It's our policy to carefully check the credentials of our buyers and sellers.
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Over 40 Years

Industry Experience

Operated and guided by graduate gemologist Karen Simmons familiar with all stages of the diamond market.

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Wholesale Prices

Add to your exclusive collection that is unique to you, your family, or your collection. We will help you create a unique name for your diamond your collection and your family will cherish these gems for generations to come. Diamonds are as unique as individuals.

Modern Selection

We are gemologists, jewelers and gem dealers providing white and colored diamonds through a secure, safe and rewarding escrow system. Have the most unique and hand-picked value selected with your desires in mind. We can even help you select world class designers if you wish to make a cherished piece of jewelry for a loved one.

Industry Trends

Presently, many gemstones beat the average growth rate compared to other top asset classes. These trends seem to be more popular as younger generations are choosing to be more mobile and focused on assets that are more portable, durable and concentrated as compared to large houses, vehicles and cumbersome pieces of artwork.

North American-based offering diamonds worldwide

Gem dealers and gemologists provide colored and white diamonds through a secure, safe system. Whether you are in Dubai, India, Australia, Europe or anywhere in North America, we will get your diamond to you, guaranteed the very best price in the most economical and efficient way possible.

Concierge Service

Tabletop meetings available through traditional meeting places such as Brinks and Malca-Amit for buyers and sellers so they can be assured they are receiving exactly what they want. Once the funds have been sent into escrow and the appointment set, the diamonds are sent in for review. The buyer has the opportunity of reviewing the diamonds with a gemologist of their choice in the meeting. After they approve the stones, the money is released anonymously to the seller and the diamonds are released to the buyer.

Free and Secure Shipping

Of course shipping is a very important part of the process. Depending upon the size of the transaction and the negotiated terms, shipping will be free or minimally kept at the exact cost of the shipping charge both from and to a secure, undisclosed location. Some transactions will qualify for free shipping available on select purchases.

Luxury Selection

Top-quality Gemological Institute of America certified stones from a range of qualities, colors, size, shape and clarities. From a unique, ten carat D – Flawless diamond, to the rare red’s, blues and greens, let us know what you want and we will do whatever we can to find it anywhere in the world. Whether with one of our many suppliers or miners or hidden in a private collection. Finding your special stone is what we’re all about and brings us the most joy.

Karen Simmons

Operated and guided by Graduate Gemologist from the Gemological Institute of America and proud Alumni Member of the esteemed school, Karen Simmons, with over forty years industry experience from mining, cutting, wholesale, investing to retail proprietorship, understands all stages of the diamond market.
Karen is also a Chicken Soup for the Soul co-author and writer of gold medal award winning books through her other passion, autism, as the founder of Autism Today.

Her most recent book Perfectly Clear, Buying Diamonds for Pleasure & Profit is endorsed by Ernest Blom - the President of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses. Read her story here

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