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Diamond Shippers LLC is a New Commercial Enterprise with three key areas of focus for the jewellery store owners and sophisticated investors and collectors – best pricing, selection of benefits, and reputation reliability.  


For Jewellers

Independent Jewelry Stores, more than 7,000 in the U.S., need better sources for diamonds to mount in customers’ rings, pendants, and earrings. Currently, most do not have the volume purchase history to qualify to buy direct from cutters and master wholesalers, so these jewelers then need to buy from diamond wholesalers that specialize in selling to the smaller independent jeweler. Buying through this channel, the smaller store does not buy at the same competitive low price that the big chains enjoy.

The smaller independent jewellery store faces modern challenges not seen in earlier decades. A potential customer can go online and almost instantly see pricing from large diamond and jewelry sellers that sell to anyone at a very low-margin price that the independent store cannot match.

With strictly an online presence, these sellers do not have the high overhead of a brick and mortar store on the street, and so are difficult or impossible for the small store to compete with. These stores traditionally need the custom jewelry, jewelry repair and watch repair business just to remain in business. By increasing their sales of fine jewelry, primarily engagement rings, anniversary jewelry and birthday gifts, these stores have the potential of actually being quite profitable businesses.

This is where Diamond Shippers LLC can help. Because Diamond Shippers LLC has the some of the world’s best pricing of fine diamonds direct from the world’s largest sources, with the largest selection of 3+ carat diamonds, the smaller store now has the ability to compete with the online sellers, while maintaining the needed profit margin. Additionally, Diamond Shippers LLC has the experience and resources to help the smaller jeweler create demand in their local area with the latest methods that actually work.

Jewelry stores that wish to participate in the Diamond Shippers LLC program and access these resources, will make application for membership, being approved if they are able to meet necessary standards and anticipated quotas.



For Investors and Collectors

Certain sophisticated high net worth individuals are intelligent enough to go to reputable suppliers and find the best opportunities for their medium to long term investments.  This is especially true in the diamond world for both transparent clear and colored diamonds.  Simmons can bring people right to the source and work on slim margins to place the investor into certain stones, usually 3 carat and over round stones with high clarity and color. She can source the best pricing in the industry and has done for years.  Coloured diamonds are unique and very rare in any sizes.  The market is sensitive and needs a trained professional to ensure the best buy and sell times.

We are seasoned gemologists, jewelers and geology professionals with an immense understanding of the rough and cut diamond world worldwide.

We have travelled around the globe from Africa to Sri Lanka, Tokyo, Hong Kong and across Asia, throughout Europe, Tel Aviv and so much more with our team of experts which span many perspectives and sources.

From the very ground we walk on to the vast oceans and rivers, diamonds are mined from start to the finished product and have been for centuries. The genuine diamonds we represent are Kimberley certified therefore, conflict free and are Gemological Institute of America certified to ensure quality and proper evaluation. We endeavour to support the charities ultimately helping the artisanal miners that have mined diamonds for centuries. Natural real diamonds don’t leave any carbon footprint as they are natural, genuine pure carbon from the mother earth.

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Certified Conflict-Free Kimberley Process certification scheme (KPCS)

A portion of the proceeds of diamond purchases will go back to the artisanal diamond diggers in Africa to support their well-being such as proper housing, water, food, clothing, power, special needs , autism support, and addressing critical needs. As the founder of Autism Today, Ms. Simmons seeks out causes that align with both diamond mining and related autism organizations in order to provide much needed resources and supports for individuals and families.

We support special needs charitable organizations


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