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Wholesale diamond supply exclusive to commercial jewellers.

We are seasoned gemologists, jewellers and geology professionals with an immense understanding of the rough and cut diamond world.

We have travelled across the globe from Africa to Sri Lanka, Tokyo, Hong Kong and across Asia, throughout Europe, Tel Aviv and so much more with our team of experts which span many perspectives and sources.

From the very ground or oceans diamonds are mined from to the finished product we represent Kimberley certified, conflict free diamonds that are GIA certified. Diamonds that are conflict free feed clothe and support the very artisanal miners that have mined diamonds for centuries. Natural real diamonds don’t leave any carbon footprint as the are natural and from the earth.

Certified Conflict-Free

A portion of the proceeds of diamond purchases will go back to the artisanl diggers in Africa to support their well-being such as proper housing, water, food, clothing, power, special needs , autism support, and addressing critical needs.

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