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Increasingly, customers are turning to online options for their jewellery purchases. In many cases online retailers are selling lesser-quality gemstones at rock-bottom prices yet marketing these products as desirable.

We sell only to jewellers and select clients

Over 40 Years

Industry Experience

Operated and guided by graduate gemologist Karen Simmons familiar with all stages of the diamond market.

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Wholesale Prices

Add to your exclusive collection that is unique to you, your family, or museum.

Modern Selection

Gem dealers providing coloured diamonds through a secure, safe system.

Industry Experience

Gem stones beat the average growth rate compared to other top asset classes.

North American-Based

Gem dealers provide colored and white diamonds through a secure, safe system.

Concierge Service

Tabletop meetings available for buyers and sellers.

Free Shipping

Free shipping available on select purchases.

Luxury Selection

Top-quality GIA and other certified stones for a range of clarity, size, colors and shapes.

Karen Simmons

A graduate gemologist with over 40 years of experience.
Karen is also a Chicken Soup for the Soul co-author and writer of many award winning books.

Her most recent book Perfectly Clear, Buying Diamonds for Pleasure & Profit is endorsed by Ernest Blom - the President of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses. Read her story here

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